Marcus J Freed is the author of The Kosher Sutras: the Jewish Way in Yoga & Meditation (link: www.amazon.com/The-Kosher-Sutras-Marcus-Freed/dp/1624075886), the world's first Torah commentary-through-the-body. In 2015 he will be publishing The Kabbalah Sutras (link: igg.me/at/kabbalah-sutras). For more than 15 years, Marcus J Freed’s purpose has been helping people optimize their inner talents and live to their highest potential. Marcus completed his first Yoga Teacher Training in London with Edward Clark (link: www.tripsichore.com) & the late Elizabeth Connolly. His second training was in San Diego with Rachel Krentzman of Embody Yoga Therapy (link: http://embodyphysicaltherapy.com/), receiving the certification from The School of Purna Yoga.

Marcus has many entrepreneurial endeavours, fuelling his passion for life. Marcus founded the business consultancy Freedthinking, and developed Bibliyoga and the Kosher Sutras, helping transform the lives of thousands. A regular broadcaster for BBC national radio, and past President of the Jewish Yoga Network, Marcus has written for publications including The Washington Post, The Independent and The Jewish Chronicle, and has appeared on Fox TV news networks. A trained actor, Marcus performed his Biblical comic plays in over 20 countries and appeared in the movie Saving Lincoln. His new Youtube channel Marcus Recommends is dedicated to connecting people with great ideas and celebrating life. Marcus happily lives in Los Angeles and London. You may reach Marcus at www.marcusjfreed.com. 

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