A path to Internal Freedom & Life Balance.

High-Energy Modified Yoga with Marcus

Unleash your energy, focus your mind and optimize your life with this 60-minute class

A path to Internal Freedom & Life Balance.

Dear Friends,

After spending of decades of study in the art of yoga, and publishing two books on the mastery of yoga movement, I have developed a system of high-energy modified yoga movements designed specifically for any level, beginner to advanced.

My purpose is to focus upon the energy centers (Chakras) and internal power that already exists within us all and to move away from rigid, or limb stressing, postures/forms. Freed Yoga channels the universal energies that are flowing all around us and balances the body from within.

The goal of any energy system is internal. Therefore, Freed Yoga, gives you the same results with half the effort, focusing on breathing and internal movement over postures/form.



Marcus J Freed


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