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More than just a book: A Life-Changing System to Calm Your Mind, Centre Your Body & Tune Your Soul.

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What's it all about? 49 Ways to Calm Your Mind, Energise Your Body & Live Your Purpose

This powerful set of videos will show you how to get find deep peace within, deeply connect with your soul's mission & why you are here, spread more Light & Love, and stay spiritually connected whatever you are doing. Feel Great & Live Big! It's based on The Kabbalah Sutras: 49 Steps to Enlightenment (click here for the Amazon link).

  • Learn experience Divine Energy through Yoga & Meditation
  • Learn to Tune in with your Soul's Mission
  • Learn a Simple System to spread Love & Light
  • Learn to Apply Kabbalistic Wisdom at Work & in your Career or Business
  • Learn to use Kabbalistic Techniques to Improve Your Relationships
  • Learn to apply a Spiritual Element to your Gym Workouts

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In These Videos, You Will Discover...

  • Kabbalah of Yoga

  • Kabbalah at The Gym

  • Kabbalah & Meditation

  • Tune Into Your Soul's Mission

  • Tools to Spread Love & Light

  • Kabbalah & Business

49 Steps to Enlightenment

The Kabbalah Sutras: 49 Steps to Enlightenment is a book that contains 7-week programme. It is based around the teachings of 7 Sefirot - Divine Spheres - that reside within the human body. There are 49 essays & exercises with over 150 images to help you experience these mystical energies. I have gathered some of the most powerful teachings from the last 1000 years and presented them in a way that you can use immediately. 

    Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Kabbalah Sutras

    Salvador Litvak

    “Meticulously researched and annotated, Kabbalah Sutras enables us to ground our spirituality in physicality. As a long-time student of both yoga and Jewish wisdom, I am grateful for this ground-breaking work. Yasher koach, Marcus Freed!”

    Salvador Litvak, Writer-Director (Saving Lincoln & When Do We Eat), Author (Accidental Talmudist)
    Dr Amanda Haste

    "Who knew it was even possible? This reflective, deeply spiritual method is written in a playful and highly readable style which draws you in. Beautifully researched and with clear explanations, this book shows how you can use gym exercises and yoga postures to explore the embodiment of Kabbalistic wisdom in as little as 10 minutes a day.”

    Dr Amanda Haste, Author & Professor
    Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum

    “In The Kabbalah Sutras”, Marcus Freed has succeeded in a unique synthesis of traditional Kabbalistic thought, contemplative meditation and bodily expression. Bubbling with fascinating sources and insights, both traditional and modern, this book is a wonderful initiation into a compelling Jewish spirituality for the 21st century.”

    Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum, Dean, London School of Jewish Studies


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